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The Debox Revolution Course


Get Access Immediately & Start To Change How You Feel….Fast!




Here’s why….

Deboxing is a revolutionary self-help method that will free your mind from trauma, anxiety and emotional hang-ups leaving you free to live your life, have inner peace, and be the real you.


Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting…

• The 2 biggest causes of our emotional struggles is hidden in the unconscious mind …Understanding how everything tracks back to these 2 things is like a light of hope being turned on in your mind.

• How ‘boxes’ in your mind ruin your life without your consent – even if you think you are in control!

• TODAY: Get the Instant Relief Method.

• This secret is a super simple PROVEN new method to get instant relief from emotional struggle that I’ve never seen anyone else using.
(FREE Bonus Video For ALL course Buyers)

• The one sentence that one lady implemented and stopped her emotional eating and lost 4 stone (56lbs) in 4 months.

• What Jonny Depp has to say that totally confirms the Debox SuperPower.

• The one mindset shift that will change your world forever. Here’s THE paradigm shift to this brand new approach that’s faster, simpler to implement, and quite frankly better.

• Why you can’t get positive self-talk working for you and how it’s not your fault. In truth, you’ve been lied to. Positive self-talk works for a tiny percentage of people and you’ll find out why on…

• The main excuses people give for their struggles. When you read this small list you’ll instantly know what not to do so you can win.

• Let the SuperPower begin!  Learn how to unlock your natural SuperPowers and change how you feel, forever!
• Laura’s Story. She felt like she wasn’t good enough and struggled with constant anxiety. Not only did she get Immediate Relief in less than an hour she went on to finish her 12 weeks coaching and changed her life forever.

• How the TV show, Britains Got Talent removed feelings of inadequacy from my childhood that were still affecting me today. This is so crazy it will blow your mind how it works every time.

• How I removed a lifelong fear of heights in 20 minutes on a waterslide in Spain.

• By flying against all of the usual advice I discovered a secret key to your SuperPower that made your results even faster.

• The past still affecting you? You can actually remove ANY past trauma when you unlock your SuperPower.

• As children we do this without thinking and its THE most powerful element of your SuperPower. When you learn how to truly use this it’s going to blow your mind. You can free yourself so fast thanks to this new approach.

• Say goodbye to hopelessness! This new way trumps anything you’ve ever seen, and hardly anyone has harnessed it.

• Do you over-react? That’s Jack’s fault.
Discover Jack and how he controls your over-reactions

• Love Bruce Lee? Find Out how this SuperPower was influenced by the legend. HINT: its about winning the fight quickly and directly.

In fact by unlocking your SuperPower you’ll be able to remove:-
• poor sleeping habits
• relationship struggles
• Jealousy
• insecurity
• depression
• anxieties
• anger
• fears
• phobias
• perfectionism
• stress
• feeling you are not good enough
• guilt
• being defensive
• panic
But it gets better because by removing the negative you’re getting more …

• calm
• confidence
• happiness
• success

But don’t take my word for it.
Here’s more real people with real results!
“I feel more confident in all aspects of my life, I feel stronger as though I can face anything, and I sleep a lot better which has improved my quality of life”
Aurora J Young, London

“I belive its life changing that does not involve medication and anyone can do it. The course is well written straight to the point its like someones read your mind and upset and telling you that you can help your self no matter what things have happend in your life its time to start living rest of your life how you want to live it. Thank you Jay :)”
Leah, Bucks, UK

“My emotions / thoughts / anxiety have totally changed about my past toxic abusive relationship. What used to haunt me , has totally gone”
Donna, Oxfordshire, UK

“I found it surprisingly reassuring and was very pleased that I found something that actually came into place automatically without me having to actively think about it, unlike CBT and decided to keep on at it.
I feel a lot more positive and have formed a new relationship recently that has improved.
The program has helped me to see things in a new way, almost from a new viewpoint, where I take things slower and go through the process now, rather than letting anxiety and other issues take hold of me and drive my thought processes/actions.  I feel for the first time in 7 years that I have a safety net, and that alone has made me feel positive about the future”

Naomi Woods-Grey, W.Sussex, UK

And now we have Debox Coaches being trained to support more and more people. Here’s what two of them had to say about why they wanted to be a Debox coach:-

“It was the right opportunity at the right time. I was at a crossroads in my life and was looking for a new direction.  I wanted to work with women to empower, encourage and support them in fulfilling their potential.  I have a counselling background but Deboxing offered an approach that elicited a more rapid outcome than traditional psychotherapeutic methods. That really appealed to me.  Also, my personal experience with Deboxing had shown me that it worked”
R. A. London, UK

“I saw changes within the first couple of sessions but I hit the big stuff probably within four to six weeks. I probably could have reached this stage earlier but it took some practice to recognise that I needed to stay until the “boxes” were completely empty. As I said before twelve weeks is a good time frame to make sure you’ve hit the really deep stuff.

My decision to become a Debox coach was because I have had such amazing results. I know so many people who are struggling with endless stress and unhappiness, many who feel that they have to accept this as part of life.

I know it’s very early days but this is going to be huge and gives much quicker and lasting results than any regular therapy. It also takes less time and money than therapy sessions and we can give clients 100% support which puts them in control”
H. Mason, Warwickshire, UK

By the end of this course, you’re getting a complete blueprint of the most powerful SuperPower ever deployed by a human being to remove the cause of their emotional struggles
This simple but effective method has been giving me the greatest gift I could ever ask for….real emotional freedom and self-belief to live my life the way I choose, successfully!

Specifically Designed For People Who Are “Sick & Tired of Feeling Sick & Tired”
Listen. If you don’t like “therapy”, you’re not alone. I can’t stand it either. I’d literally rather do hard manual labor than do typical “therapy”. And I did every week for 2 years of conventional therapy with little to show for it except a £5,000 cost.
And that’s why I’ve spent years developing the system I’ll be giving you in this course.
When you use it, two things will happen.

First, you’ll remove all the hidden causes of your daily stresses and emotional struggles.
This is really important to you because it sets you up for a long-term happiness with life skill you can deploy whenever something in life hits you.
The next thing you’ll notice is this:

You’ll have more of the good stuff!
That’s because of the way the system works.
I’ve created it using a combination of techniques and a new approach called “Deboxing” that actually helps you help yourself in a way that is not out there!

Here’s What To Do Next
The “cost” of this course is £97, and you’ll also get the ‘Instant Relief Method’ video included.
As soon as you place your order, you’ll get an automated receipt with a link to the enter the course.


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